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One shot | Kristine Lee

‘I took this photo to remind myself of my own confidence, strength, and grace’


Burn this world

Q&A with Jessica Lichon

 ‘I hate being in public visibly taking self-portraits’



One shot | Kurraudea

‘I wanted to create something that shows the fragility of the human body’



Profile | Evija

‘Sometimes I feel like I’m experimenting with myself,
being more of an observer of my own life’



Newsflash | Faisal Abdu’Allah at Autograph ABP

‘Photography as a tool for capture serves his desire to
reframe the past and make tangible the present’


Anthony Clark, Rain on Me

One shot | Anthony Clark: Rain on me

‘This one photo is so much of who I am’


Emli_Bendixen, With R, 2017, 30x42cm

Newsflash | 3×3 at New Art Projects

Interrogating the notion of the female gaze and self-identity


Lisa Hannigan

sP soundtrack | Lisa Hannigan: At Swim

‘A hauntingly beautiful, wintry album’



Profile | Leanne Surfleet

‘I’ve always been terrified of death, but there were a few years
when it just got too much for my mind to handle’


unnamed (2)

Preview | Marianna Rothen’s Shadows in Paradise

What happens after you get everything you want?



10 self-portrait photographers to watch in 2018

Unmissable artists from across the globe. Note them down.





Noreen Lardizabal, She is gone, 2016

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Our #selfportrait of the week is this moody piece by @joonyoun_. Of it, she comments, 'I took this photo when I was visiting my parents for the holidays. I was spending NYE with them for the first time in two years so I was hoping that we would have a sweet, family gathering but I ended up having one of the biggest fights I’ve ever had with my dad so it wasn’t exactly the family gathering that I had hoped for. I locked myself in the bathroom for an hour or so, thinking and reflecting on all the empty promises I had made for myself at the end of 2016 that I never kept. It was another New Year’s and I kept on making the same old mistakes. So taking this photo was a symbolic gesture / a promise to try and stop repeating old mistakes.' #selfportraitmag #contemporaryart #visualart #portrait

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