4 things you didn’t know about iiu Susiraja

Kun taikina ei nouse (When the dough does not rise), 2012

Kun taikina ei nouse (When the dough does not rise), 2012 © iiu Susiraja

iiu Susiraja is queen of the domestic self-portrait. Here, we share four little-known things about the Finnish photographer

1. She doesn’t like jeans. ‘I have owned a few pairs of jeans in my life, and that was enough. Though they are flexible, they do not seem to fit.’

2. Making speeches is not something she enjoys. ‘I always cry in that situation,’ she comments. Certificate ceremonies are not her thing, either.

3. Her most-used word is ‘maybe’. ‘I avoid dispute through this word,’ she says, ‘and many times I simply can’t say no, even when I should…’

4. She’s not a foodie. ‘I can eat the same food for many days and not get bored.’

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