sP introduces: Giorgio Gabe


Mood, 2016 © Giorgio Gabe

selfPortrait introduces Giorgio Gabe, a 20-year-old photographer based in Monteroni di Lecce, Italy

Giorgio’s self-portraiture was born from a desire to give life to his thoughts. He comments, ‘they could not be closed – then I discovered photography’.


Crazy, 2016 © Giorgio Gabe

He describes his work as ‘messy, like me,’ and explains that he learned the skills behind his craft through continuous research, with tutorials on the internet being a great help.


Morning, 2016 © Giorgio Gabe

Giorgio’s influences include work by René Magritte (1898–1967), Jim Warren (b.1949) and photographer Kyle Thompson (b.1992).

Through this self-portraiture we are catapulted into a dreamworld of the artist’s creation, and nothing is ever quite what it initially appears. This restless and playful photography is certainly worth your exploration.

You can find more of Giorgio’s work on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr

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