One shot | Jenniré Narváez: ‘my arm is not long enough, so I inevitably end up with a close shot’


Choker, 2016 © Jenniré Narváez

Photographer and filmmaker Jenniré Narváez shares the thinking behind Choker, her intimate self-portrait

I’ve always liked taking pictures for fun. As soon as I started film school, I started to take photography more seriously, and grew to love working on self-portraiture because it was a way for me to practice without depending on other people. Today I don’t do it as much, but still try to take self-portraits now and then.

I’m from Venezuela, but I’ve been living in São Paulo, Brazil since 2005. I take photos of kids, family events, birthdays, for Christmas cards, but mostly portraits and fashion.

This picture does not have any particular meaning. When I go out and the light is amazing and I can’t miss the chance, I love taking ‘close-up’ self-portraits. I use a 50mm and my arm is not long enough, so I inevitably end up with a close shot, and I like the result. Very intimate. Totally in my personal space. I have a lot of this kind of portrait.

Find more of Jenniré’s photography – both of herself and other people – on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr

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