Exclusive: new work from Catarina Inácio


The Reflection of an Explorer, 2017 © Catarina Inácio

selfPortrait presents brand new work by Lisbon-based photographer and visual artist Catarina Inácio

Spurred by managing chronic depression and social anxiety, Catarina Inácio began to explore photography in 2011. She studied the subject for three years, and was during this time inspired by her artist teacher, Céu Guarda, to practice self-portraiture aged fifteen.

Catarina has found the process of creating self-portraiture vital in her quest for self-acceptance. She comments, ‘Through taking self-portraits, I started to love myself. I started to have new ideas, concepts and goals. Self-portraits are a process so beautiful for every artist; they show love for ourselves as humans more than as artists – and that’s so important.’


Breathing & Feeling Again, 2017 © Catarina Inácio

We first spotted Catarina’s work on Flickr, with her striking piece, DreamingThe self-portraiture shown here was captured in Quinta da Regaleira and at the Palace of Queluz, Portugal, at the close of 2017.


Fragile Not Weak, 2017 © Catarina Inácio

Explore more of Catarina’s work on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr

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