Under influence | Brian Bett: ‘creative block is my greatest challenge’

Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble, 2017 © Brian Bett

Meet Brian Bett: a 19-year-old self-portraitist based in Nairobi, Kenya. Here he reveals his major influences, and touches on the challenges of creative block

I started taking self-portraits in 2014 when I got my first camera, and I became really enthusiastic about it by the close of the following year.

I was so keen on editing pictures and making them surreal with Photoshop at the time, and learned as much as I could about this before I could start taking it seriously.


Lacklustre, 2017 © Brian Bett

I was drawn to the medium when I saw the work of Joel Robison – amazed by the way he could shrink himself and put a new perspective on the world around us.

My main influences and inspirations include the photographers Alessio Albi, Chris Rivera, Logan Zillmer, and Kyle Thompson. I just love their styles, how they process their images, and the stories their images tell.

One of my all-time favourite self-portrait photographers has to be David Uzochukwu. I just love how subtle his work is, while containing so much meaning.

Keeping the good things close.jpg

Keep the good things close, 2017 © Brian Bett

As an artist, creative block is my greatest challenge. There was a time this lasted for weeks, and I worked through it by watching movies, going to new locations, and sketching to get new ideas and feel inspired again.

Beyond my photography I do filming both professionally and as a hobby. I also make music – mainly electronic – which can be found on Youtube and Soundcloud.

Explore Brian’s latest self-portraiture on Flickr and Instagram

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