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Noreen Lardizabal, She is gone, 2016

Noreen Lardizabal, She is gone, 2016 – set to feature in our first stand-alone issue, ‘Faceless’ out this summer

We launched this digital space in December 2017 and have been overwhelmed by the response to our features to date. 

Thank you.

It is our mission to capture the stories and make a record of the work of incredible self-portrait photographers from across the globe, and in turn establish a buzzing community of engaged readers who make and/or love self-portrait photography.

Further than this, even, through our digital presence we wish to promote self-portraiture as a means of creative expression, and captivate new people to explore the medium.

In the coming year and further into the future, we’ll do all this via:

  • Our digital space here at
  • A biannual stand-alone magazine (available to purchase as a PDF)
  • Exclusive monthly editorial messages, featuring the latest from the self-portrait community, including artist opportunities, top shows, new series, and more
  • Behind-the-scenes messages, offering a glimpse into the making of selfPortrait and the lives of our featured artists
  • Reports, handwritten notes from the editor, and soon, even more…

As a brand new publication we’d appreciate your backing in order to offer these lovely things, and to create even more offerings!

If you’d like to be part of the beginning of something special, and back us as we develop this exciting arts magazine, head to our Patreon page to discover how you can help in exchange for the beautiful offerings above – most of which are available only to our patrons.

You can make a difference to our work for as little as a dollar a month. Thank you for reading, and we hope to welcome you to our patron community soon…

Warm regards,

Katherine Caddy
Editor, selfPortrait magazine
T: @KatherineAprilC

P.S.We totally understand if you can’t tap into what we’re offering financially right now, and if this is the case, perhaps you could shout about us on social media instead? Please do share our homepage with your friends to spread the word about selfPortrait

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