Newsflash | 3×3 at New Art Projects

Emli_Bendixen, With R, 2017, 30x42cm

With R, 2017 © Emli Bendixen, courtesy New Art Projects

Nine artists share photographic self-portraits within the London gallery’s latest show

Running in tandem with New Art Projects’ current painting show, Threesome, comes 3×3 – an exhibition of self-portraits by nine queer female artists whose work interrogates the notion of the female gaze and self-identity.

Curated by Anna McNay, the show features work by photographers including Emli Bendixen, an artist who hails from Denmark and is currently based in Bristol, UK. In With R, 2017 (above), Emli shares a rare glimpse of herself and her private life as a mother. She comments, ‘Here, I portray myself privately, intimately but also slightly hidden. My gaze meets the viewer’s without fear but with a sense of guardedness and protectiveness over my child.’

Yet, all is not as it may first appear. Emli’s partner, Julie Bendixen, is in fact standing behind the camera, creating a form of secret family portrait, ‘I suppose then I’m simply trying to portray that there is more than meets the eye,’ Emli continues, ‘I may pass for heterosexual, the scene in the image may pass for hetero-normative even – mother and child – but outside the frame is the context which includes our queerness.’


Marta Kochanek, SELF, 2015, 60x40cm

SELF, 2015 © Marta Kochanek, courtesy New Art Projects

Another work which jumps out in this exhibition is Marta Kochanek‘s SELF, 2015 (above). Marta, who is based between London and Birmingham, took this photograph in her studio in the latter city with a digital camera.

As an experienced commercial and fine art photographer today, she reflects on when she began taking self-portraits earlier in her life: ‘Years ago, when I didn’t feel comfortable at all in front of other people, I tended to turn the camera on myself. Also, during my travels, there were times when I found myself on my own in a hotel room […] and I had that irrepressible need to immortalise myself within a space I would probably never visit again. Looking back, I can describe the experience as something almost therapeutic.’

Discover more about this show and read interviews with all nine artists featured here, and catch the exhibition, along with the painting show Threesome, until 4 March 2018 at New Art Projects, 6D Sheep Lane, London

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