One shot | Kristine Lee: ‘I took this photo to remind myself of my own confidence, strength, and grace’


Serenity in my own chaos, 2017 © Kristine Lee

San Francisco-based self-portraitist Kristine Lee shares the thinking behind her recent work, Serenity in my own chaos

I grew up pursuing journalism; I love telling true stories. Along the way, I met inspiring people who opened my eyes to photography, and taught me how to use photography as a tool to show people my perspective of the world. My self-portraiture is an exploration of how I want to define myself, and what my values are. I particularly enjoy showing strength in vulnerability and femininity.

I have friends whose photos touched my heart the moment I saw them, who encouraged me to pursue photography continuously and passionately. I’ve always loved the nostalgia, wanderlust, and introspection that comes with viewing a photograph, and I wanted to create art that makes people feel what I feel, and see what I see.

Serenity in my own chaos is about finding moments of peace and solace in times of overwhelming depression. It’s about taking a breath to recognise how far you’ve come, and knowing that overcoming and taking control of the chaos leads to triumph. I took this photo to remind myself of my own confidence, strength, and grace, and to prove to myself I hadn’t lost my sense of identity.

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