One shot | Foteini Zaglara: ‘I was too shy to ask others to pose for me’

teardrop (Foteini Zaglara)

Teardrop, 2017 © Foteini Zaglara

22-year-old preschool teacher Foteini Zaglara is based in Greece. Here she reveals the secrets behind Teardrop, her emotive self-portrait

I’m madly in love with photography and storytelling. My journey into photography started in 2014 when my parents bought me my first camera – a Nikon D3200. At the beginning I was experimenting a lot, but after a while I started teaching myself everything about photography and Photoshop.

Also, that year, I moved to Ioannina due to my studies, and I was too shy to ask others to pose for me, so that’s when self-portraiture came into my life. Self-portraiture, for me, is a kind of therapy and at the same time a way to express and accept myself.

Teardrop is inspired by a quote by one of my favourite writers, Sylvia Plath. I think that I have a secret connection with her because she was a woman who was feeling deeply.

I made this image after a heartbreak. I was like a bomb full of emotions, trying to find a way to express them. I think sometimes social media only shows us one side of the coin: how happy and successful people are. but what about the other side? What about being vulnerable, feeling sad because you lost your job or someone you love? I want people to feel something when they look at my photographs.

I shot this image in my bedroom with natural light, and for the teardrop I put glue on my face (my skin had a red line on it for a whole day afterwards…) and then I played with colours on Photoshop, and, voila…


Find more of Foteini’s work on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook

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  1. Bakshi Ji February 25, 2018

    Awesome pic. Great work. Your tears made me emotional , seemed myself as a devotional .
    Devotional towards the emotions of human beings , Sometimes thoughts run only we are emotional or all living things??


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