One shot | Marta Braggio: ‘in my self-portraits you never see my face’

Comfort-Zone 2

Marta Braggio, Comfort Zone 2, 2017

Photographer Marta Braggio discusses her recent self-portrait, Comfort Zone 2

I studied art and lived in Venice for a few years; it became my second ‘hometown’. Prior to this, I was born and live in Vicenza in the north of Italy.

I’m always looking for something deeper and new in every work. My choice of colour and self-analysis are important in my self-portraits.

I first began photography four years ago, when I found some old cameras at home.
They were my grandfather’s. The contact with these fascinating objects pushed me into attending my first photography course and I started to study photographers and artists.

My fellow students focused on street photography and portraits, but I felt this genre wasn’t mine. I was interested in expressing something more personal and introspective, so I tried to photograph my legs. Since then I carried on making self-portraits.

Making self-portraits requires laying my soul bare and expressing through my body and colours what I am, the feelings I feel and maybe other people feel. In fact, in my self-portraits you never see my face, so people viewing the photos can easily identify themselves in the photographs.

Comfort Zone 2 was born on a Sunday afternoon in April. I remember I didn’t want to go out and I thought that people usually take refuge in comfort, in their bubble and sometimes prefer their ‘comfort zone’ to new and different situations.

There was a bunch of callas on the table and I imagined a person who was hiding and protecting him or herself  from the outside behind these white flowers. So, I took my camera and the callas; I stood opposite a white wall trying to reproduce as faithfully as possible the image in my mind.

I have several projects in my mind: from different interpretations of past works of art, to the introspective analysis of the period and the expression of other feelings. I’m always looking for new subjects for unusual self-portraits. My most recent works are female interpretations of Magritte’s paintings.

View more of Marta’s self-portraiture on Flickr, Instagram and Tumblr

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